2016 BMW M8 Supercars Specs and Price

Thursday, August 28th 2014. | BMW

2016 BMW M8 - Front Angel2016 BMW M8 comes as a unique way to celebrate the first century of the BMW’s history. Although the initial opinions were that this model will be named after the M1 Hommage concept, the M8 solution prevailed thanks to the i8 model. The 2016 BMW M8 has the same chassis as the 2015 BMW i8. That’s everything these two cars will have in common. While the i8 is an elegant, new-generation plug-in hybrid, the 2016 BMW M8 is a powerful high-performance machine, which is made to be a symbol of BMW’s power, tradition, craftsmanship, engineering and heritage

2016 BMW M8 Design

2016 M8 is built in advance by using carbon fiber and also aluminum chassis which is derived by the upcoming model, BMW i8. That is why it is not surprising if it also adopted the name. With those materials applied for its body frame, it is undoubted that the car has a light lightweight that could offer a wonderful speed performance. For the exterior, the car offers the combination of M1 Hommage design and also BMW i8 elements. We hope to see V hood with big air intakes to provide a better engine cooling, laser-light technology and also headlights. For its rear a diffuser could be helpful for the car at high speeds. So far, the interior is inspired by i8 that has a beautiful cockpit that united the instrument panel, steering wheels with central information display, control elements and also instrument cluster. There is also steering column too. Alcantara, carbon fiber and also high-quality leather are available for 2016 BMW M8.

2016 BMW M8 Specs

2016 BMW M8 is the first car which introduces the electric technology. Even though it does not belong to the sport car, the BMW car is accepted for the high speed when it is running. The electric technology allows the car to reduce the risk of degrading. Then, for the platform, these kinds of car are built in the futuristic component. It uses the carbon fiber as the good construction when the engineers are working in the factory.

2016 BMW M8 Engine

2016 BMW M8 will be powered by a 4.4-liter V-8 TwinPower Turbo engine, which is able to deliver more than 600 horsepower. It will be paired with a double-clutch eight-speed automatic transmission. Although there is no official information regarding the performance of the 2016 BMW M8, estimations say that it would have 0-62 mph acceleration result somewhere near 3 seconds and that its maximum speed will be around 200 mph.

2016 BMW M8 Price and Competitors

2016 BMW M8 is not for sale in the regular market and will not be available to all. BMW M8 is expected to be sold with the starting price around $200,000 and it will have a tight competition with its rivals such as Audi R8 GT and also Mercedes SLS GT. However, it will be not easy for those two rivals to defeat a car which is actually as the most waiting car for automotive market in 2016.

2016 BMW M8 Image Gallery

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