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Tuesday, November 11th 2014. | Ford

2016 Ford Super DutyFord Super Duty is a one of the most famous F-line models of the Ford (since last century). Ford has spent about 3 years to upgrade and redesign some parts around the car. The first test specimens of 2016 Ford Super Duty, were observed even in March 2014. On several occasions, photographers have tried and various ways to find out, from which the material is made up of structures the new generation Super Duty trucks. Very bad publicity was a fire during a test. The fire spread quickly, and within three minutes engulfed the entire vehicle. After 20 minutes stayed only pile of molten steels and aluminum. Although the ensuing explosion no one was injured. We hope that the problem will be identified and rectified and that will never happen again.

2016 Ford Super Duty Redesign

2016 Ford Super Duty at this time is coming with more pickup models in totally new look and will be outfitted with ultra-modern aluminum body panels. The car not only has monster power but its greater strength is around the capability and also the easy control. Ford is currently using more magnesium in the manufacturing of their cars and trucks than any other automaker. In addition to the aluminum suspension components and body panels, the steering system parts and various radiator parts are made using magnesium. new 2016 Ford Super Duty has aggressive look which is better than the current model. The easy control and high performance feature in this car will give you the benefit. That is why you deserve to wait the car instead of buying the current model if you need high-speed and easy control 2016 Ford Super Duty.

2016 Ford Super Duty Specs

For under the hood, 2016 Ford Super Duty has been announced to come with strong engine. It is reported that the car has engine which is powered with V-8 turbo diesel Power Stroke 6.7 liter that is claimed as the strongest engine. at this time there is no details at all from the company related to the power rating and the output. At this time, the highest power rating from this car is the Ram HD that could get the output for about 850 pound/ft for the torque along with 400 horsepower for 2016 Ford Super Duty. Ford engineers are trying to improve the characteristics of the diesel engine to reduce fuel consumption. They switched a more efficient direct fuel injection system and fuel pump for more power and reduced emissions.

2016 Ford Super Duty Release Date and Price

Until today we do not have any report from the company about the releasing time for the car. but it is assumed that it might be in the year 2016. about the price tag, perhaps it will be launched after the company released the car on the showroom or on the dealership. For sure, the cost will be a bit different from the current model because a lot of improvements are presented especially the engine for 2016 Ford Super Duty.

2016 Ford Super Duty Image Gallery

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