2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan

Friday, November 14th 2014. | Toyota

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan Front ViewToyota’s vision of the car of the future has become a reality. The new 2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan, seen for the first time in Europe at the Paris motor show, can carry four people in comfort, has a driving range comparable with a petrol engine vehicle and can be refuelled in around three minutes, yet its only tailpipe emission is water vapour. While remaining faithful to the avant garde styling of the concept, the Fuel Cell Sedan features a number of detail changes that make it practical for everyday driving.

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan Redesign

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan is designed be practical for motorists everyday needs, being a front-wheel drive, four-door, four-seat saloon. Performance and cruising range are like that of a petrol engine vehicle and filling the fuel tank takes roughly three minutes. To maximise cabin space and lower the car’s centre of gravity, the fuel cell, battery and fuel tanks are installed under the floor. The two tanks store hydrogen at pressures up to 700bar. The front compartment houses the electric motor, electronic control system and boost converter. The converter increases the voltage produced by the fuel cell, so has allowed for the size of the motor and number of cells to be reduced, cutting costs and increasing performance. The technology has advanced since 2002 when Toyota began renting Highlander SUV-based fuel cell vehicles to customers in Japan and North America. A key difference in the new generation of fuel cells is there is no humidifier; the humidity the fuel cell needs is directly from the water produced in the chemical reaction between the hydrogen and oxygen. This means the structure of the fuel cell has been made simpler, more reliable, lighter and cheaper to produce. Toyota believes the technology has great potential in the development of vehicles that are kinder to the environment and ideal for helping deliver sustainable mobility.

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan Engine

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan is electric motor powered by a hydrogen fuel stack. Two hydrogen tanks are positioned below the rear seats (each have 5 kg). During operation, the fuel stack provides electric energy for Lithium battery using a hydrogen. On the other hand, the exhaust pipe does not have the CO2 emission, only water. Lithium battery also can being charged during regenerative braking. At the fair we hear that fuel tanks can be refueled for maximum five minutes. Apparently, acceleration from 0-62 mph will be for 10 seconds.

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan Release Date

New 2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan will go on sale in Japan before April 2015 and preparations are under way for launches in the USA and European markets in the summer.

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Image Gallery

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