2016 Toyota Mirai

Saturday, November 22nd 2014. | Toyota

2016 Toyota MiraiToyota has officially announced its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for the 2016 model year. Dubbed the Mirai, which means “future” in Japanese, the mid-size sedan will go on sale in the U.S. next year. 2016 Toyota Mirai is especially apt when you consider the hydrogen powertrain takes just five minutes to fill and emits no exhaust besides water vapor, can even siphon energy into an owner’s home with the Optional Power Take-Off device.

2016 Toyota Mirai Exterior

2016 Toyota Mirai already mirrors the Prius in one obvious respect, its frumpalicious styling. the 2016 Mirai nearly the same footprint as the Camry hybrid but is 2.5 inches taller. A near-clone of last year’s FCV concept that previewed the production model. unfortunately, are the FCV’s gaping triangular outboard air intakes (fuel cells need a lot of cooling, apparently), which contain foot-tall vertical LED running lamps and have turn signals on their outer edges. Perched about the bumper are scowling LED headlamps. The body features flowing fenders and Dodge Intrepid like blackout windows, terminating in a rear end that can best be summed up as “WTF”, with a band of LED taillamps crossing the trunk as well as messy triangular forms containing the ancillary lighting. The rear uses a catamaran shape representing water flowing under and through the body.

2016 Toyota Mirai Interior

2016 Toyota Mirai InteriorInside of 2016 toyota Mirai, the driver and front passenger sit on seats upholstered in pseudo leather and face a dashboard with sweeping asymmetrical forms because future with multiple screen displays and center mounted primary gauges. Certain bits such as vents, stalks and fonts will be familiar if you’ve been in any number of recent Toyota products, although most controls are of the capacitive touch variety, including the slider-style temperature controls. The outer rear seats are separated by a fixed center armrest, limiting total head count to four. The trunk is none too large. On a full charge, the car provides up to 60 kWh of power to one’s home (or perhaps even one’s depleted Tesla battery) in case of an emergency or a power outage. Toyota claims that’s enough to power an average household for about six days.

2016 Toyota Mirai Specs

2016 Toyota Mirai EngineThe fuel-cell-powered Mirai combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity that drives the electric motor. The main emission of a fuel-cell vehicle is simply water vapor. Toyota says the Mirai has a range of up to 300 miles on a full tank of hydrogen, and the carbon-fiber tanks can be refueled in about five minutes. As an bonus, Toyota will cover hydrogen-fuel costs for up to three years as part of an extensive list of ownership perks. new 2016 Toyota Mirai drive system produces 153 horsepower and 247 pounds-feet of torque that’s good enough for a zero-to-60-mph time of 9 seconds, which isn’t too far off the pace of a typical compact four-cylinder sedan and respectable for the 4,078-pound sedan. An optional power take off device allows the Mirai to act as a mobile generator capable of powering the most important home accessories in a power outage for in emergency.

2016 Toyota Mirai Release date and Price

2016 Toyota Mirai Rear Angel2016 Toyota Mirai goes on sale in Japan by the end of the year. Sales initially will be limited in California, because that’s where the fledgling infrastructure is most mature and also to keep the cars close enough to Toyota’s corporate headquarters so that the company can support both and the select dealers peddling them during the inevitable teething phase. Initial pricing has been set at $58,000.

2016 Toyota Mirai Image Gallery

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