2016 GMC Savana

Friday, January 23rd 2015. | GMC

2016 GMC Savana is the latest edition of this van that belongs to the segment of the full-size vehicles. this car is expected to be one of the pivotal automobiles from Chevrolet Motor Company. First time is launched in 1996 and has experienced great popularity on the North American market. This new vehicle is a multifunctional van, which means proprietor can use it both as a business vehicle as well a passenger vehicle. No one can say specifically when it will finally be released for sale. There is however indication GMC Savana 2016 will hit the auto market towards the end of 2015. If you are looking for an automobile for the future, You will never regret buying it.

2016 GMC Savana2016 GMC Savana Exterior and Interior

2016 GMC Savana is expected to be a redesigned version of the previous. Its interior and exterior are expected to be given new touches that will make driving a lot more interesting. The automobile is also referred to as Chevrolet Express. It will be a large automobile with adequately spacious interior to ensure passengers have adequate leg space to improve on comfort. The seats will be made using top quality material. The company has declared that the seats would be made more comfortable and according to ADA or American Disabilities Acts compliant for wheel chair accommodations. The door panel and the steering wheel will be covered with top quality materials. The windows will be controlled electronically and the controls are located very close to the driver for easier and faster reach. On its exterior body, New chrome bumpers on both ends along with new Grille would make the van look attractive. Sliding glass doors would provide passengers getting in and out more comfortable and easily. As a modern van, one can expect to see advanced infotainment and entertainment systems along with safety measures inside it.

2016 GMC Savana Powertrain

Under the hood, 2016 GMC Savana is expected to run on a VVT 4.8-liter diesel engine that can generate up to 260 hp with 525 pound feet of torque. The fuel economy is expected to be much improved over the previous. It would be available in 4WD. Transmission system still remains a mystery.

2016 GMC Savana Release Date and Price

New 2016 GMC Savana is expected to release in the first quarter of 2016. Speaking about price, there are indications that it may sell for $25,000 for the base model, while the top model may go for $32,870. Direct competitor on the US market is Ford E-Series with which together have a market share of 65%.

2016 GMC Savana Image Gallery

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