2016 Kia Rio

Wednesday, February 18th 2015. | Kia

2016 Kia Rio Korean car is one of Kia Motors. It is deliberately made to set the automotive world. This was done by the company to provide a good and satisfactory value for consumers. In terms of external and internal design, the car would be a better version than before. It also will give the other cars in these crazy car categories below. Since the beginning, Kia Motors has shown itself to the world as a car manufacturer with a vision. Beautiful design that has always been one of the most discussed topics in the automotive market.

2016 Kia Rio2016 Kia Rio Manufacturers do not provide any news, when it was rumored that this car will be released for sale lately. However, there are indications that it will be realized by the middle of 2015. In addition to the news of the release, much other important info is not available on the car by the manufacturer. However, more news to be made public about it as the release date got closer. This car will be made using materials that are very light as aluminum and carbon fiber. Certainly, this will cause a great shortage in weight. But on the other hand, the car will end up with a better performance on the engine, fuel economy better. Higher speed will also be easy to achieve, both in machine maintenance and cheaper price. Emission rate will be lower than before. As a result, the car will be more environmentally friendly than what is gained in the previous.

2016 Kia Rio InteriorThis car will also prove to be a reliable auto subcompact. It is true that many changes will be made on this car, but buyers should not expect a complete overhaul. There will still be a lot of similarities between these cars with the previous car. The exterior will be very modern compared to the others. The cabin will be given a new twist and will be well equipped. The power train will also be worthy to be compared with others.

This car will be presented in SX, LX and EX trim levels. It is expected to run on a 4-cylinder inline 1.6-liter engine that can produce up to 138 hp and 123 foot pounds of torque. This machine is expected to be coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission. But the 6-speed automatic transmission option is expected in the EX and SX trim levels. The price on this car will be as expensive as the previous generation. That’s about 2016 Kia Rio.

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