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Wednesday, February 25th 2015. | Ford

2016 Ford Flex appears as a new force will remain the same as the current model. As we know that this car is quite unique and interesting to look at. It is not surprising that there are a lot of rumors and speculation related to this car. Maybe, it’s better not to wait for that to come because it is not too much different from the current model. It is said that this car could be a car that would invite a lot of debate. If you like this car, it’s better to buy 2015 models 2016 Flex.

2016 Ford Flex ConceptGreat design of 2016 ford flex as a new crossover will stay the same as the current model.

Since then the car was launched, the company only gave a bit of style to attract customers. Actually it is not possible to become Flex again, if Ford to design without the boxy lines to make it sporty. 2016 Ford Flex is also rumored to get significant improvements and changes. For those of you who want to know the basic version, some features that are ready to be offered, but the lack of security such as lane-assist technology. That’s why today people expect to see this car. If you want to buy a 2015 model, there will be no review of blind-spot. Although it does not show the change, the Company wants to keep the old design. That does not mean that there is a significant increase of about mechanical details. In the previous model, the car is powered by EcoBoost engine design and support new electric power steering system and good enough. This machine can also be used on 2016 models, because it provides great technological advances. This change is also a sign of better gas mileage.

It is true, basically nothing we can do with the development of the engine and transmission in this car because we cannot expect anything related to aerodynamics. So far, the addition Ecoboost technology helps a lot to deliver fuel efficiency better as we expect in 2016 Ford Flex.

This car does not have a significant change at all but it seems that the company can provide a higher price for this version of the previous with a few hundred dollars in exchange for a pretty nice. It is expected to come in the third quarter of 2015. That’s all we can share about 2016 Ford Flex.

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