2015 Pontiac GTO

Sunday, March 15th 2015. | Pontiac

It is hard to deny that at this time, the classic cars from American automakers are quite popular on the global market. Perhaps, you have heard about some issues and rumors for the possibility that Pontiac will release their new 2015 Pontiac GTO. Based on the latest information, this car will be available with some improvements. As we know that the company for the first time launched this car in 1964 and it was discontinued to produce for about 10 years. In 2004, the company released it but it did not last long because people found that it was too different from the original version. Now, the company has a big task in order to give some revisions to keep its existence.

2015 Pontiac GTO


Learning from these images of 2015 Pontiac GTO, this new version is quite similar to the original version and of course there will be a great response from fans to purchase it. It is classic but still have some modern touches to offer. The company is mentioned to complete it with some high-technology features and some improvements so that they do not lose their trademark. It is still recognizable but with more improvements.

2015 Pontiac GTO Changes

Speaking about the changes, the company will feature this car with integrated headlights for the front with large grille with large nose. You could also find out two smaller grilles for the bottom segment that is completed with fog lights. For better air supply, there are two hood scopes on hood to keep the optimal temperature and more air around the engine. The modern lines and large wheels will make this new version has impressive style. At the back of 2015 Pontiac GTO, there will be some changes without removing its original look that is large stripped tail lights.


It is still hard to predict about the new look around the cabin. It is expected that the company will offer it with sportier look compared to the previous model. To keep its competitive, the company needs to add high-technology features for this iconic model. We also hope that there will be high quality materials around 2015 Pontiac GTO along with leather trim for the base version. Automatic climate control, navigation system, heated and ventilated seats could be the standard or optional features.

2015 Pontiac GTO Specs

It is quite important for us to know more about the engine for this new car. The latest rumors mentioned that the company will only support it with V8 HEMI. Based on the previous model, the company added 6.0 liter to produce about 400 horsepower that is also similar with the new engine model for 2015 Pontiac GTO and gladly, it has more power output. Others suggest that the company needs to add few units including V6 or V8 engines to give more than 600 horsepower.

2015 Pontiac GTO Release and Price

To keep its competition, the company will offer it as same as the previous model that is from $28,000 to $32,000 for the base model while the higher trim could be more than $50,000 to $60,000 for 2015 Pontiac GTO.

What we could promise to you is right after finding the last official report; we will share it to you. It is expected that the 2015 Pontiac GTO will be launched around the next few months which could be from the beginning of this year. It is still confusing whether the company will offer it as the 2015 or 2016 model year. That is why what we could do at the end is only waiting the official information so we could share the exact points for this new version.

2015 Pontiac GTO Gallery

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