2016 Ford Excursion

Sunday, March 15th 2015. | Ford

There is a strong prediction that one of the newest models from Ford is ready to jazz up the global market. It is stated that 2016 Ford Excursion will be the new weapon for Ford to take the global market domination especially for SUV to deal with the domination of Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon. This new car is not a new comer because the car has being slept for quite long. If the rumors about the new 2016 Ford Excursion comes true, it means that it will jeopardize those strong rivals. We only could expect that there will be something great to offer.

Ford Excursion

2016 Ford Excursion Specs


Until this day, it is reported by some reliable sources that the rumors are totally endless and it is hard to find out about the real information. We should admit that there is no exact information yet from the official especially for the performance. Based on those rumors, this great SUV will be supported with two engine options which are V8 engine 5.8 liter and V6 engine Ecoboost 3.6 liter to produce impressive output along with reduced fuel efficiency for 2016 Ford Excursion.

Exterior and Interior

It is only rumored that the car is possible to use the same platform as Ford-150 base version. This way will make 2016 Ford Excursion has long and big dimension that is quite different from the current model. With the same body platform, it is not surprising if the car has strong and powerful look especially for the bodywork.

Other information is still unclear especially around the cabin. We have no idea at all about the real shape of this new car because the new platform. On the other hand, its long and big dimension will be helpful in order to offer spacious cabin with enough space for both head and leg. There is a big expectation that the company will add improved technology features to make 2016 Ford Excursion more sophisticated than the current model.

2016 Ford Excursion Release Date and Price

So far, there is no confirmation yet from the official for its exact release date. It seems that the car is ready to be launched around the next year, in 2016. The most difficult part to tell you is about the price tag. With unclear information and no confirmation from the official, we do not know about the estimated price tag for 2016 Ford Excursion. What we could do is about waiting the official announcement.

Ford Excursion Gallery

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