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Monday, March 16th 2015. | Honda

Do you still remember about the legendary Honda S2000? At this time, there are many people suffering of waiting the arrival of 2015 Honda S2000. This car was built in 1998 and it was designed for urban city people with very stylish design through its small body. The car was built with very efficient engine that offered the top speed for about 122 mph at that time.

After a long time, it is mentioned that the company will remodel and redesign it to be the new 2015 Honda S2000. It will be designed as the most stylish car from Honda because the car is coming with different body design compared to the old model. It is reported that this new version is featured with low engine specification.

Honda S2000 Front Angel

The Interior and Exterior of Honda S2000 2015

Based on the concept, it is reported by some reliable sources that 2015 Honda S2000 will be more stylish compared to the old model. It is supported with long curved LED lamp. The front lamp will have long and sharp design. For the wheelbase, it has 16 inches of alloy wheels made of aluminum.

It is also reported that 2015 Honda S2000 has two seats with luxury natural leather for the hood. The front dashboard will be completed with lite navigation panel for the front of driver seat and the navigation button is featured with hood opener, fog lamp and the last is wiper.

2015 Honda S2000 Engine and Specification

There is a big rumor that this car will come out with two engine options to offer. The first is hybrid engine model that is supported with electric motor but there is no clear information yet from the official for its performance. Learning from the old model, this engine would be helpful to produce the output for at least 210 horsepower. We expect that it would be increased when it is used for 2015 Honda S2000. The second engine is four-cylinder 1.5 liter in order to produce about 160 horsepower and also 150lb-ft of torque. In just 60 seconds, the car is able to reach 60 mph and both of those engines are paired to six-speed auto CVT gearbox.

2015 Honda S2000 Release Date and Price

Although there is no information yet from the official about the release date of 2015 Honda S2000, the company insiders mentioned that the car will be released in March, 2015 and the first launch will be at Tokyo Motor Show. The price tag could be about $35,000 and $38,000 depends on the options for engine, exterior and interior.

Honda S2000 Picture Gallery

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