2015 Ford Lightning

Wednesday, March 18th 2015. | Ford

Ford is not a new comer as the high automaker from America. This automaker is quite popular which has been producing many muscle cars for global market. The company always features its cars with high engine performance. It is not surprising if many people always welcome their new cars. From the current reports, Ford wants to launch a car truck 2015 Ford Lightning for urban city people to deal with the competitors. This car truck will be unique without neglecting its engine as the main prior. 2015 Ford Lightning will be the third generation of F-150.

New 2015 Ford lightning

2015 Ford Lightning Interior and Exterior

Based on the concept, there will be four seats inside; two for the front and two for the back. It is built with two-door concept. This pickup car has load capacity for about 40 liter to more than 60 liter. For the weight of Curb, it could reach about 4702 lb with the wheel base for around 119.8 in and length 208 in. We glad to know that this car has fuel economy mode that gives nice result. It has 13/14 mpg city/highway. The cabin is completed with some cool features such as rear camera, Bluetooth, screen and also new navigation system for the right side of driver in 2015 Ford Lightning.

2015 Ford Lightning Engine and Performance

2015 Ford Lightning will be featured with front engine wheel and rear wheel drive system. You could choose based on what you need. For the engine type, it has supercharged and intercooled SOHC 16 valve V8 engine that is supported with fuel injection system. It sounds interesting that in this version the car has its own Ford EEC-V engine control system that will be not available in other Ford models.

The displacement of 328 cu in 5374cc is able to generate the output for about 380 horsepower with 450 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is four-speed automatic and it is equipped with lockup torque converter. 2015 Ford Lightning has the top speed for about 125 mph. In just 6 seconds, the car could reach about 60 mph.

2015 Ford Lightning Price and Date of Release

It is predicted that the 2015 Ford Lightning will be released at the beginning of March 2015 with the exact release date that is still unknown. The price tag is about $24,809 which is quite high from the previous model. The car has some color options from red, blue, black to grey. You can get LM edition which offers white and purple that is released on July, 2015.

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