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Thursday, March 19th 2015. | BMW

It sounds cool when BMW is issued to offer another new sedan in order to complete the latest 5 series model and it is called 2016 BMW M5. At this time, it is hard to reject some speculations from reliable sources including the details of this new generation. Some sources mentioned that there will be a new platform chassis as the base of this car to introduce something new in the market.

New 2016 BMW M5

2016 BMW M5: Platform

With the new concept of new platform, we should admit that there will be something better to offer as its improvements. The car is possible to get more dynamic look around its bodywork. It is indicated that 2016 BMW M5 will be available with longer and wider dimension than before because the change of dimensions around the chassis will be the part of its modification. In addition, it is also has a complete set of kits around the bodywork such as the front and rear bumpers with the new alloy wheel tires in size of 19 inches. Besides, there will be some great features around its trunk such as the gills with renovated spoiler to complete the improved chassis.

There is a big claim that this sedan will also come out with better handling because it is completed with disk brakes along with other improvements. The latest news also mentioned that the company focuses on the material designing for its quality standard. Some technologies are applied for its better driving experience to attract buyers including the new infotainment system and the improved navigation system with better voice command module and iDriver controller configuration for 2016 M5. With those improved technology, the car is much more complete around its security after the company adds twin front safety bags, emergency safety assist and also improved traction controls.

2016 BMW M5: Engines and MPG

About the engine configurations, it will be the main prior for the official to offer. There will be some options available to give you something more to choose. The company considers going with small engine in order to gain more configurations for its future. Based on the latest reports, 2016 BMW M5 is possible to get small three-cylinder diesel engine along with turbocharged configuration in order to produce the output for about 150 horsepower.

The company also has big consideration in order to deal with the efficient fuel consumption. It is rumored that the car will go with 60 mpg in combined drive as its EPA rating. This way will be the major improvements for 2016 BMW M5 to make it much better than the previous model.

2016 BMW M5: Release Date and Price

Based on those reports, likely the 2016 BMW M5 will be launched for market sales by July, 2016 with the predicted price tag more than the previous model. At this time, the company has not discussed the price tag yet and the specific release date will be announced soon for the fans of this new version.

2016 BMW M5 Gallery

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