2016 Fiat Spider

Sunday, March 22nd 2015. | Fiat

It sounds interesting if the new edition of 2016 Fiat Spider will be the center of attraction once it is launched on the global market. It is produced by Fiat as a roadster. We know that Fiat has big reputation to produce iconic cars. This car is coming out as the respond from the official on how to keep their existence.

2016 Spider is built with the joint product of Mazda so that the concept is a bit similar to Mazda MX-5 through the quick handling and lightweight design. It is issued that the weight for this edition could be more than 2200 pounds so that it has lighter body compared to the previous model.

2016 Fiat Spider

2016 Fiat Spider Redesign


The next attention that could draw your eyes to this car is the bodywork. It is stated by some reliable sources that the exterior will be built like a sport car with smaller dimension. Overall, its design is very cool and stylish because the compact body which is built in aggressive style. 2016 Fiat Spider could attract more buyers with different needs especially for college, entrepreneur, businessman or traveler. It is also completed with convertible roof so you could replace and install it anytime.


In order to cover the huge demand, the car is designed for four people with modern security and safety system to protect you. You could find out traction control, controlled engine and brake, all-speed, electric stability for control system, daytime running light, frontal driver, airbags, frontal passenger with sensing system, rear camera, parking assistance, head curtain for the rear outboard, warning chimes, monitoring system, child seat and much more for 2016 Fiat Spider.


Although Fiat does not reveal anything about the engine specifications and other details related to 2016 Fiat Spider, we found some rumors mentioned the strong prediction if the car is possible to go with four-cylinder engine capacity and 1.4 liter intercooled multi air turbo in order to increase the speed for more than 28 mpg on city and 34 mpg on highway. It seems that there will be disc brake system to complete the all-wheel drive system. Other possible features are two cameras for drivers.

2016 Fiat Spider Release Date and Price

At this time, the company does not reveal any exact date for the market sales. It is only rumored that the car will be available on the dealership sometime in the next year or at least at the early of 2016. Well, we should admit that we found no further information yet for the price of 2016 Fiat Spider because Fiat gives no confirmation yet.

2016 Fiat Spider Gallery

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