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Tuesday, March 24th 2015. | Ford

Perhaps 2016 will be the busy year for Ford because there is a big indication that this popular automaker will release more than one generation for SUV segment. At this time, people are waiting to see the rumors come true that is about the arrival of fourth generation called 2017 Ford Expedition. It is mentioned by a lot of sites that this car will be available as a full-size SUV car to jazz up the global market.

2015 Ford Expedition Front View

2017 Ford Expedition: Redesign

At this time, it is issued that this new version is still under the development to be redesigned which means it is still hard to find out any information about it. Some sources mentioned that this 2017 Ford Expedition will be the first full size SUV that is featured with hybrid power. The main attraction is around the fuel economy and it is designed with T1 platform to reach this goal.

The major design aspects are about the modified platform. To give more attractive look especially around the bodywork compared to the previous model, the company considers redeveloping the platform to be lighter than before so that the car has better aerodynamics with improved stability. Some reports mentioned that 2017 Expedition is completed with hard steel, aluminum and also boron steel for its body construction. In addition, some significant changes are available. It is more than just available with the modified bodywork because it has better design especially for both the bumpers and the newer grille placement. The body color will be changed to give something different as the fourth generation. The chassis is also will be remodeled with increased width and it has improved stability and comfort for best satisfaction.

2017 Ford Expedition: Interior

When you enter the car, you could find out the new dashboard configuration with the support of new interior LED lights and it is designed with the latest technology features from Ford including the improved telematics, the cohesive seating arrangement, the new infotainment model and the improved cabin space in 2017 Ford Expedition to give more space for both head and leg room for all users.

2017 Ford Expedition: Powertrain

The engine options in 2017 Ford Expedition will give more dimensions for Ford especially the sales record. There will be no contemporary engine variants. It will be displaced with the new EcoBoost engine that is V6 Ti VCT twin turbo configuration 3.6 liter. It is also possible to see hybrid engine but there is no report yet. The possible transmission is the new 10-speed gearbox. It is hard to estimate the starting price but it is expected to be released around the middle of 2016.

Ford Expedition Image Gallery

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