2015 Pontiac Trans Am

Saturday, March 28th 2015. | Pontiac

2015 Pontiac Trans Am will be launched as their strategy to increase their sales record. It is reported by some reliable sources that the company will give some upgrades for this sports luxury cars to attract buyers. Although we did not see its arrival yet, 2015 Trans Am is quite promising to come out after some unofficial reports mentioned that the prototype is still under the test. We glad to know about some images that have been presented.

New Pontiac Trans Am

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Specs

There is a report from the official about the indication for six-speed manual or automatic transmission. This convertible or coupe car is possible to go with V6 engine. For the base version, it is rumored that the company will use V6 engine 3.7 liter in order to produce about 305 horsepower and also 280 lb-ft of torque. For Forbid, it is possible to go with V8 engine 5.0 liter to produce about 420 horsepower and also 390 lb-ft of torque. The supercharger support for the 2015 Pontiac Trans Am will improve the power to be about 662 horsepower and 631 lb-ft of torque. The options for its transmission are about six-speed automatic, six-speed manual or Tremec six-speed manual. Around the fuel mileage, it is reported that the EPA rating goes about 15 miles per gallon in city and 31 miles per gallon on highway. Some cool features will complete you such as stability control, advanced airbags, anti-lock braking, brake assist, heated seats, hands-free capabilities, rearview camera, navigation system, electronic power steering support, glass roof and much more.

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Changes

The front fascia will be the main change to offer in 2015 Pontiac Trans Am. Compared to the 2014 model year, this new version will offer you tiny twists for both the rear and front bumpers. The more rounded shape is the result for its redesign. In addition, the LED headlights will be changed to cover the trend so it is wider and it is located next to the grille. The company also will restyle the side sills. The car has modified quarter panel badge. With those changes, 2015 Pontiac Trans Am has something different to offer, but it is better to not expect any revolutionary changes because the company will keep its current body language as the trademark. To enhance the stability, the car has air curtains on front bumper and air breathes on front arches. To produce down force, the company adds front apron huge intakes to move air around the car. You could find out leather bucket-style Sport seat with 60/40 split for the rear seats to make you more comfortable riding this car with the leather-covered steering wheel and round instruments.

Release Date

It is still issued that the car will be released during summer, 2015. We need to wait the official information about this issue for 2015 Pontiac Trans Am.


2015 Pontiac Trans Am will have higher price tag than the current $22,995 that will be $36,095. It depends on the trim level, the engine options and the optional features you choose.

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