2015 Ford Torino

Saturday, April 11th 2015. | Ford

We do realize that Ford is unbeatable automaker from America with their great work to produce great muscle cars. What makes its name quite popular on the global market is after releasing Mustang that suddenly becomes the icon of Ford. As we know that Mustang always designed with the high performance engine as a sport car that was introduced since 1974. At this moment, it seems Ford wants to keep their reputation by creating more innovation for example 2015 Ford Torino. This car is rumored to come out on the market soon to deal with other great cars. Because Ford is quite excellent to present their cars with high performance and great acceleration, we easily believe that they will do the same for 2015 Ford Torino.2015 Ford Torino Concept

2015 Ford Torino Exterior and Interior

2015 Ford Torino for the whole body is quite stylish because the curved design that is completed the tail body while the curved shape is added around the front design. Well, there will be no bumper available. This new version is featured with 17 inches alloy wheels for the wheel base. Rumors mentioned that it offers simple but very elegant design.

Speaking about the cabin, 2015 Ford Torino is equipped with LCD screen that is able to show you all function around the car. There will be no wiper for the rear part of the car. The front body is a bit lowered from the tail body to make it more perfect than before.

2015 Ford Torino Engine

Although there is no further information yet from the official especially about the specification around the engine of this new edition, we found some hints from the Ford Website that the possibility for 2015 Ford Torino is the presence of V8 engine Eco Boost 5.0 liter that is able to produce about 443 horsepower and also 525 lb-ft of torque. We do not know whether this information is truly from the official website or not but it seems it is just a prediction. If this engine comes true, it will be a perfect muscle car with great engine specs since it is one of NASCAR vehicle. It means that Ford plans to produce it as a limited edition. For the global market, they will only produce about 3000 units. With this engine, the car is able to accelerate to 60 mph within 4 seconds.

2015 Ford Torino Release Date and Price

We found no further information yet about the exact release date of 2015 Ford Torino since Ford gives no confirmation yet about all issues. Based on the features, the possible price tag is about $40,000 which is quite expensive but it is the bill for a perfect car.

2015 Ford Torino Gallery

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