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Saturday, April 11th 2015. | Dodge

One of the hottest cars that are ready to shock the market and other strong rivals is 2017 Dodge Ram. It is built as the full-size pickup truck that is designed to complete the demand about heavy duty car for both rough terrains and also main road. It is hard to doubt its quality because the car is able to deal with all conditions of road including swampy, sandy, industrial or even muddy areas. Its name is quite popular on the global market since 2017 Dodge Ram has been produced since 1981 and it has high standard of requirements to give best performance as a heavy duty truck. What makes market has a space for this car is its durability and strength. Its new version will be the fourth generation and improvements or innovations are ready to offer.New Dodge Ram Concept

2017 Dodge Ram Exterior and Interior

It sounds amazing when we found some improvements are ready to offer around the bodywork to complete its new look. Some unofficial reports claimed that the car will be sportier and more masculine than before. Obviously, it is produced with simple body concept to make it very classy. The body kit is quite strong and tough because 2017 Dodge Ram is built from Light Baja cast.

Other details that will attract you are about the grille and the headlights. We found some reports mentioned that the front grille is possible to be redesigned so that the car is more aggressive in the shape of larger trapezoid. Around the middle of the grille, the bold cross accents are very impressive to complete the new parallelogram for its headlights. The bumper has sparkling silver for more protection in this car. In addition, it has live axle suspension to give great longevity and durability with the resized wheelbase dimension that is about 5.010 mm. You could find out four-wheel anti-lock brakes that are quite responsive for stopping and its cabin is quite fantastic with masculine and sporty look. The company considers resizing the cabin to offer more space for 2017 Dodge Ram.

2017 Dodge Ram Engine and Price

We found no doubt at all that Chrysler Group knows what the market needs at this time to offer best protection, entertainment and assistance for the users of 2017 Dodge Ram. It is very reasonable that the car has some new technology and systems including six-speaker CD audio, Bluetooth navigation, satellite radio, power windows, rearview camera, dual-zone auto climate control, parking assist, rear entertainment system and much more. This car is really designed for travel lovers. 2017 Dodge Ram also has upgraded engine that could be V6 gas engine 3.7 liter to produce up to 210 horses with the starting price from $20,000 to $43,000.

New Dodge Ram Gallery

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