2017 Nissan Z

Sunday, April 12th 2015. | Nissan

Nissan has big consistency in order to keep the existence of their sport car. It is reported that they are preparing to create the new 2017 Nissan Z with the redesigned concept for the market. As a Japanese automaker, Nissan wants to give a big return for this car and it is under the code name of Z35 for American market. It will be built with the support of lightweight materials so that the reduced weight could reach about 420 pounds. The open roof and the reduced dimension will be the biggest change to offer. You may not expect any radical changes around the cabin. It will be a bit refreshed with some revisions to response the buyers’ expectation. It is completed with latest technology system and also new materials. 2017 Nissan Z is possible to go with hybrid drive due to the high demand among buyers for worldwide market.2017 Nissan Z

2017 Nissan Z Specs

It is rumored that the engine for 2017 Nissan Z is borrowed from Mercedes that is turbocharged four-cylinder engine 2.0 liter to deliver about more than 200 horsepower. This engine will be paired to an electric motor. In this case, the engine is claimed to offer better fuel consumption that is quite effective as a hybrid with the higher output. If you would like to go with V6 engine 3.0 liter, it will be mated to an electric motor that is expected to give reduced CO2 emissions and it will be sent to an automatic transmission but the details are still unknown. As other automakers, the company will announce everything at the right time.

2017 Nissan Z Interior and Price

We glad to know that Nissan has big responsibility in order to response the current demand on the market. They would like to keep their existence through this sport car. Because the tendency of modern design is the dominant on the market, Nissan will design this new version with more modern look especially for the interior. They define the modern design by presenting advanced technology and the sporty seats for 2017 Nissan Z. This way should be enough to complete the adrenaline journey because this car has high-performance.

For Cab, it will get more revisions with the presence of new gadgets and features to support driver to enjoy a much better driving experience. For the safety and stability control system around 2017 Nissan Z, there will be the braking system and air curtains that are retained from the current model. Speaking about the price tag, it could be about $60,000 and it should be released at the beginning of 2017 to deal with BMW Z5, Toyota Supra and others as the new 2017 Nissan Z.

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