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Friday, April 24th 2015. | Toyota

In the year of 2015, there will be another car to release from Toyota which is called 2015 Toyota Celica. It is one of the hottest cars from Toyota which is originally launched in 1992 and the production was stopped in 1999. At that time, the car was popular with its stylish and beautiful design to complete the high-engine specification. Moreover, it was completed with the sharp body lines to support the elegant front lamp. Now, Toyota has big preparation to return it to the market with more features and new look for both outside and inside for the high competition among the sport city cars.New Toyota Celica 2015

2015 Toyota Celica Interior and Exterior Design
It is reported by some reliable sources that the company will install the cabin with some upgrades. There will be four comfortable seats that are supported with leather upholstery. For the entire seats, it support for more than five people with the adjustable system so you could enjoy the best position riding this 2015 Toyota Celica.

Around the cockpit, it is totally awesome with the presence of LCD screen for all navigation system. The bodywork is very stylish with sharp front body featured with LED lamps in one line with the front bumper. The company would not change its current language design since it is still adorable and people could easily remember it from the previous model of 2015 Toyota Celica.

2015 Toyota Celica Engine and Performance
We should tell you that there is no exact data yet about the engine specification for 2015 Toyota Celica. We only found some rumors mentioned about the possibility to use six-cylinder engine combined with 5.0 liter to produce for at least 800 horses. If it comes true, it could be the best way to attract buyers. Other rumors also said that this awesome output will be supported with the maximum top speed that could be more than 203 mph. This engine is basically new with the alternative of four-cylinder 3.7 liter to produce more than 424 horses and 174 mph of top speed.

2015 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price
We have no proof at all about those rumors including the rumors of its release date that could be at the beginning of June, 2015. The price tag surely will be very expensive seeing its development especially for the engine. We predict that the cost for 2015 Toyota Celica could be about $50,000 to more than $60,000. White will be the main color for this new edition.

2015 Toyota Celica Gallery

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