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Sunday, May 3rd 2015. | Hummer

Perhaps, Hummer H3 is not something unfamiliar for you. Its previous model was known well for its best-seller cars. At this time, it is rumored that the company will launch the new concept for 2015 Hummer H3 soon. It will be the sport utility vehicle for the truck fans. We have many questions about its concept and style and we think that most fans are waiting for its report. That is why today we would like to discuss it.2015 Hummer H3

2015 Hummer H3 Redesign

It is mentioned by many unofficial sites that this car will get some significant differences compared to the previous model because the part of development and improvement. It is reported that the company will keep the basic form of 2015 Hummer H3. In another word, it is a classic two-box SUV as usual but now, the company expected to offer it with some changes and improvements.

Although we have no details for its improvements, it is strongly predicted that the 2015 Hummer H3 will receive some redesigned aspects for its cabin and the company could upgrade the safety features for our best protection. For example, you could also find out the leather upholstery for its seats while the cabin has chrome accents. The honeycomb grille will complete the front part of the car. It should be available as a new version with more elegant and masculine design to keep its existence on the market.

2015 Hummer H3 Concept

What makes us a bit regret is that rumors mentioned if there will be no changes at all around the engine details. We do not understand whether this issue is false or true, but it really breaks our heart. Most of the rivals will leave their old engine. It does not matter for us if we do not see any changes for the engine but we crucially need improvements around the current engine of 2015 Hummer H3. We expect to see the latest version of engine that should give better output and performance. This way will attract buyers.

2015 Hummer H3 Specs

It is issued that the 2015 Hummer H3 will be empowered with in-line five-front engine 7.3 liter to produce 242 horsepower and 328 Nm of torque. Some technology systems are added such as 10 compression ratio, double overhead cam, four-valves per cylinder LLR, and variable valve timing or camshaft. With this engine the car has fuel consumption for about 15 mpg on highway, 20 mpg on combined and 15 mpg on city. With the heavy duty battery, it supports the car more to produce 180 KW and 242 lb-ft of torque.

2015 Hummer H3 Gallery

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