2017 Buick Grand National

Thursday, May 14th 2015. | Buick

A classy and stylish car should be completed with some high-end technology enhancements to keep its life on the market and gladly, the company will provide it for 2017 Buick Grand National. The price tag for this new edition is estimated for about $28,000 and $30,000 based on the advanced specifications. Rumors leaked that the company will release 2017 Buick Grand National around June in the next year. Once it is released on the market, it will attract more buyers and at the same time will jeopardize the existence of its main competitors.Buick Grand National GNX

2017 Buick Grand National Interior and Exterior

2017 Buick Grand National will go with some refreshments. Some unofficial sites mentioned that there will be a more perfect softness offered for this version with the presence of leather-made seats to give maximum comfort for both driver and passenger. The cabin is completed with air condition and the cooling air condition system is basically attached on the interior. This way will give a higher level of convenience. Of course, other features are possible to be improved with the latest version because it is the demand that the company needs to cover at the future.

Speaking about the bodywork there will be streamlined design with air surrounding support. This design will support its performance so that it moves faster than before. To make it faster, we think that the company will also give lightweight materials around its body. For buyers’ satisfaction, there will be more color options so you could choose based on what you want. In short, 2017 Buick Grand National is a little bit colorful on the market once it is ready to release.

2017 Buick Grand National Engine

About the engine, the company wants to offer best engine dedicated to its fans. It is mentioned that the standard version will go with 3.5 liter V6 engine in order to produce about 280 hp and also 265 pound-feet of torque. With this speed performance, the car is supported with the auto transmission and it has high-speed as 2017 Buick Grand National.

Less Fuel Consumption

This is another interesting part that we would like to tell you more. The car is possible to have reduced fuel consumption to help you saving more money even up to 20%. It happens because the better performance than the previous model that will not even increase the fuel consumption through the great engine specification in 2017 Buick Grand National.

Buick Grand National Gallery

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