2015 Plymouth Barracuda

Thursday, July 2nd 2015. | Plymouth

Another muscle car that will give buyers more options is 2015 Plymouth Barracuda. It is one of the most anticipated cars which are strongly issued to come out with perfect redesign. It is coming out with the masculine design and the engine performance would be very excellent because it goes with the newest version.Plymouth Barracuda Front View

2015 Plymouth Barracuda Exterior and Interior

2015 Plymouth Barracuda will be more adorable and attract buyers easier because the new look. It is prepared as American muscle car that is very hard to be ignored once it is ready to come out on the market. The company has big commitment in order to take over the strength of Dodge Challenger on the market. This car is known well as a sedan but the look is very masculine because the tough design and amazing engine to offer.

2015 Plymouth Barracuda has jaw-dropping design because the new concept. Although everything has not been confirmed yet, some speculations and rumors are circulating on it. People even could find out the rendered pictures which are claimed as this latest edition. Based on those pictures, we could find out that the car has more stylish design. The bodywork is quite strong with the LED lamps for its headlights and taillights. In a short saying, it has much more modern look because some futuristic details around it. Although the information about this car is still very minimal, we could predict that the company would not give up giving more innovations for both its outer and inner part.

2015 Plymouth Barracuda Engine

This is the best part that we would like to talk more. This sedan muscle car would be released with the great performance. It will be the best solution in order to challenge so rivals on the same segment. It is mentioned that 2015 Plymouth Barracuda has much better fuel economy than the predecessor. Although the details for mechanical specification is still unavailable, we strongly predicted that there will be 6.2 liter and supercharged hemi engine to be used as the best option to produce the amount of output for around 600 horsepower or even more than it.

2015 Plymouth Barracuda Release Date and Price

At the time of writing this report, we found no official information yet for those two things. We found rumors mentioned that the car could come out at the end of 2015 for the market sales. The price is still unidentified for 2015 Plymouth Barracuda.

Plymouth Barracuda Gallery

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