2016 Plymouth Barracuda

Thursday, July 2nd 2015. | Plymouth

As the future car, you will find out more modifications around the new 2016 Plymouth Barracuda. It is designed with much better look than the previous model because the best style will be offered in this latest version. The company would like to give a higher level of quality especially for its design language before the car starts its debut. Rumors mentioned that 2016 Barracuda has more new features to offer. Its first launching is issued around the beginning of 2016 but we found no confirmation yet from the official.2016 Plymouth Barracuda Concept

2016 Plymouth Barracuda Redesign

Since it is built as the new redesigned version that will come out later on the market, the design will be from the current trend and demand. To achieve it, the company would like to offer the high quality materials so that the car has great look. Although we found no official report yet for its materials and features, 2016 Plymouth Barracuda is possible to come out with the manual gearbox and V10 engine. The car is designed with the rear-wheel setup configuration.

We also have heard that the company will support it with 10-on-1 bar fights. The new weight will be the drastic change for 2016 Plymouth Barracuda. It is mentioned by many reliable sources that the company will offer it with the Chrysler LX platform. They also would like to adopt the rear and front suspension setup which is borrowed from Mercedes Benz E-and C-class. This way would be more than enough for the company to go with the new performance in this latest edition.

2016 Plymouth Barracuda Specs

2016 Plymouth Barracuda with the changes around its bodywork and cabin, it would not be enough. The heart of this car should be designed with new improvement too. What we meant is about the mechanical specification. There should be some engine options to offer. We glad to know that the car has some candidates for that. First, it could go with the new Tigershark four-cylinder with 2.4 liter to produce better fuel consumption. Second, it goes with Pentastar V6 engine direct-inject with 2.6 liter but the output is still unknown. The new speculation goes for Hemi V8 engine with better performance through 6.4 liter and 5.7 liter. It could be used for the higher trim. Or, the company might go with the camshaft 440 Six Packs for fascinating performance.

2016 Plymouth Barracuda Release Date

2016 Plymouth Barracuda is possible to come out in 2015 or at the beginning of 2016 with the price tag that will be announced soon of course.

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