2015 Dodge Stealth

Tuesday, July 7th 2015. | Dodge

With the popularity that was quite bright long time ago, 2015 Dodge Stealth is prepared to create a big return. People have been waiting to see its arrival and it is still under the project. Dodge would like to amaze many people with some potential details once it is ready on the market.

Based on its appearance, it is hard to deny that 2015 Stealth has amazing look through its futuristic details. Although it is still a project, it is possible if all details will be changed. Some unofficial information mentioned that this car will be released soon for 2015 model year.2015 Dodge Stealth

2015 Dodge Stealth Exterior and Interior

When we see the outer side of 2015 Dodge Stealth, the best word to describe its design is the futuristic look. This car is like many futuristic vehicles in the movie. The shape design is very elegant with some more modern touches added to complete its futuristic appearance. You can find out that the headlamp is built with the elegant design. It is also quite promising to come out in order to attract buyers. Dodge will prepare its arrival in order to complete the demand of unique and muscle car since it has much more different appearance compared to other muscle cars.

Badly, all the information about the cabin changes and improvements are hard to get known. 2015 Dodge Stealth is issued to come out with the scissor-door feature that is uncommonly used by any muscle cars. With this door, the car has more unique look. It is also predicted that the design around the interior will be very elegant just like a coupe-type appearance. Mostly, muscle car will come out with elegant and simple nuance interior but this car has something greater to offer.

2015 Dodge Stealth Engine, Release Date and Price

With the same story as its interior, it is not easy to find out the detailed information about the engine of 2015 Dodge Stealth. If we are talking about futuristic car, it is important for Dodge to offer several engine options with sophisticated output for example using turbo system with the support of all-wheel drive setup. The suspension should be excellent to deal with any terrains.

Or, Dodge at least support it with V6 engine but everything is still under the development. We need to wait more for the official announcement. It is possible if the car will be released in 2015. Because the details are not fixed yet, we need to wait more updates around 2015 Dodge Stealth.

2015 Dodge Stealth Image Gallery

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