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Wednesday, July 8th 2015. | Lincoln

At this time, rumors are circulating on Lincoln. It is reported by many reliable sources that the company needs to release the new 2017 Lincoln MKS that should come out in 2016 but we think that it could be delayed for next 2017. Based on rumors, the company will use the same platform as the new Continental. On the other side, Lincoln predicted to stop its production because they will concern on the developed sedan.2017 Lincoln MKS Concept

2017 Lincoln MKS Redesign

It is true that this car is a luxurious product from Lincoln and it will be designed as the second generation. The designer for this car is Max Wolff who worked for Cadillac in the previous project. This way will be helpful for 2017 Lincoln MKS in order to receive new styling design. The previous model was built with smooth lines and now it could come out with aggressive look because the support of sharp lines.

The new appearance is also could be seen from the rear windows while the new style is added for the grille. 2017 Lincoln MKS is quite possible to get some new features that are from Continental because both of the cars has shared CD4 platform. Other styles will be taken from the MK-Series so that the car has more modern and even futuristic look. You could also find out some themes presented for the cabin but it seems that the company still keeps it as their big secret and we have no hints at all to reveal.

2017 Lincoln MKS Engine

Under the hood, this new edition hides great powertrain. The company insiders mentioned that it could be V6 engine Ecoboost 2.9 liter that will be used by 2017 Lincoln MKS based on some unofficial sites. The alternative could be V6 engine Ecoboost 3.5 liter but we found no confirmation yet. For the first engine, it is designed for the base model that is able to produce the output for about 300 horsepower while the second engine could produce about 350 to 400 horsepower.

In order to support those engines, the power will be transmitted to nine-speed transmission which is still under the development. This transmission is also used by most Lincoln and Ford cars. It is expected that the engine performance for 2017 Lincoln MKS has significant improvements as the best way to attract more buyers.

2017 Lincoln MKS Release Date

It is hard to reveal about when the market will be started for this car and what price tag that will be considered. 2017 Lincoln MKS is prepared for US market to deal with Cadillac XTS and Lexus ES and it is presented in China as their extended market.

2017 Lincoln MKS Image Gallery

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