2017 Ford Ranger

Wednesday, July 15th 2015. | Ford

The rumors that attack 2017 Ford Ranger are getting stronger day goes by. This truck is built by Ford that could come out with some refreshments. That is what we heard from the current reports. It has high popularity on the market because the design is quite well-accepted to complete all buyers on the global market.

2017 Ford Ranger is rumored to come with some changes that make the car more competitive to deal with some direct competitors. It has some new touches to offer for its loyal buyers. This new edition is also mentioned to go with some improvements in order to keep its strong dominance.2017 Ford Ranger

2017 Ford Ranger Redesign


The truck is more interesting to get known because there will be some noticeable updates to offer by Ford especially for its outer part. It could come out with new material made of aluminum and steel to complete its exterior. The styling is also has some improvements with minor changes. The noticeable changes could be seen from its front side to give new redesigned grille and headlights in new Ford Ranger USA.


Besides, the minor changes will be added around the styling and still based on those rumors Ford would like to offer 2017 Ford Ranger with the new styling. It could be seen from the dashboard with the simpler design but it has more stylish look to complete this truck. In addition, buyers could find out the more features including the upgraded connectivity and audio system.

2017 Ford Ranger Specs

Although some rumors are getting louder mentioned that there will be some updates to offer in this latest version, it is still hard to get know the mechanical details about it. Rumors mentioned that the possible action that will be done by Ford is using the current engine especially for the base version. In a short saying, there will be 2.0 liter old engine. Another rumor mentioned about the possibility to see the turbo Ecoboost engine 2.3 liter for the top trim as the new engine to produce more output with less fuel consumption for 2017 Ford Ranger.

2017 Ford Ranger Release Date and Price

As we told you at the very first beginning, the official statement are not available up to now. They keep everything under their hat for this truck. It is predicted that the company might release the car sometime in 2016. Although we found no confirmation yet, we think that it is reasonable if the cost would be slightly higher than the current model of 2017 Ford Ranger.

2017 Ford Ranger Image Gallery

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