2017 BMW M2

Sunday, July 26th 2015. | BMW

We have good news to tell although there is no confirmation yet from BMW that it is quite possible to see the future of 2017 BMW M2. Rumors mentioned that BMW has potential plan to release this latest version. First of all, we heard that BMW would like to release it with the smaller dimension compared to the previous model. Second of all, buyers could anticipate its arrival if they would like to get a lighter bodyweight in 2017 M2. We glad to know that this car surely will be more affordable than the two siblings, M3 and M4.2017 BMW M2

2017 BMW M2 as we mentioned to you at the very first beginning that the car is under a big rumor. It is reported by many unofficial sources that BMW will support its engine execution by using twin-turbo inline-six and 3.0 liter with the capability to produce the amount of output for around 400 horsepower. Not only that, but it is also completed with the manual transmission system six-speed as the standard option. The optional transmission will be seven-speed automatic that will offer you dual clutch technology.

With the second engine, it would not be hard for the 2017 BMW M2 to be more competitive among some strong rivals in its class because the engine specification is almost the same. The direct competitors would be the Camaro ZL1 and also Porsche Cayman. Therefore, BMW should do something great to support this car if they would like to be the winner in this segment.

2017 BMW M2 Price

After collecting some reports, we think that there is no complete data yet for its changes and redesign whether the exterior or interior. It is assumed that BMW will give some changes for both the trims. We have a big expectation that the changes should be more prominent with the new features around the cabin especially to give better safety system for both driver and passengers of 2017 BMW M2.

Speaking about the price tag, it is too early to talk but perhaps it is important for those who have a big anticipation for its arrival. Although we are still far away from 2017, we found a report that the car could be offered at a base price 51,000 dollars. The highest trim will be more than 60,000 dollars. Well, we cannot grant all information above are completely true because there is no confirmation yet given by BMW for all the rumors around 2017 BMW M2.

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