2017 Honda CR-Z

Thursday, August 13th 2015. | Honda

As an elegant coupe, 2017 Honda CR-Z is coming in the future by using Civic Type R platform. The car has about 4 inches smaller compared to Civic Types R model. It will be modified to give more different look since the previous model was built on Fit platforms. Based on reports, some modifications will be available for this latest car with the presence of hard structure and lightweight body to reduce its fuel consumption while improving the performance.2017 Honda CR-Z Concept

2017 Honda CR-Z for the outside is featured with some elements from the Civic Types R variant. People are expecting that the front fascia will be more aggressive with the hair roof line, alloy wheels, aerodynamic panels, dual exhaust system and the restyled rear fascia. For its cabin, it will be built with 2+2 seating and the American market will get the last row. Its drive system is hybrid but it offers you high performance. Its efficiency will be the main power to attract customers.

2017 Honda CR-Z Specs

As we have mentioned to you already at the very first beginning that the drivetrain is supported with the electric hybrid. It has the combination of turbocharged four-cylinder and 2.0 liter with the electric motor to generate the amount of output for around 280 horsepower and this output is transmitted to its front-wheel drive setup. 2017 Honda CR-Z is also has lithium-ion battery with the high capacity and the transmission could be the new eight-speed. With the electric driving mode, it could reach about 30 miles. Another possible engine to offer is the gasoline 1.5 liter and the fuel consumption based on EPA rating is around 39 mpg. Its test drive has impressive result with the presence of mechanical properties and new suspension for better driving experience with 2017 CR-Z.

2017 Honda CR-Z Price and Release Date

2017 Honda CR-Z is possible to come out with the modern interior design but it might offer limited luggage capacity. The seats will be made of the finest material while the cockpit is designed to help driver easier controlling the car. Some standard equipment is the new infotainment system, auto air conditioning, navigation and others. Good security package are offered too.

New 2017 Honda CR-Z is built to cover the demand in North America and Japan. It is ready for sale in the end of 2016 with the price tag about 20,000 dollars for the base. This car will be launched to deal with the strong rival, Toyota Prius.

2017 Honda CR-Z Image Gallery

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