2017 Mercedes E-Class

Tuesday, August 18th 2015. | Mercedes-Benz

No one could stop BMW in order to produce best cars and for future, they currently working on 2017 Mercedes E-Class. For sure, they will build this car with high-quality standard and it would not be too far from the current model. It is still appealing with crisp and sexy look. There will be several changes to offer. The modifications will be presented because the support of new platform used in the current Mercedes C-class. 2017 E-Class will be bold and gallant with the presence of improved quality.Spy Shots 2017 Mercedes E Class Front Angel

2017 Mercedes E-Class Exterior and Interior

As we mentioned to you at the very first beginning that there will be new platform used to complete the outer part of 2017 Mercedes E-Class. It is borrowed from the C class. It is designed with the same round headlights design as the predecessor as well as the same analogues shape for the tail lights. The brand new chassis will support its performance to be stiffer and lighter compared to the current version.

Mercedes will show you the definition of luxury when you go inside the car. The cabin is featured with the high-quality upholstery to offer higher level of comfort for both driver and passengers. The leather upholstery will make it more durable than before. We glad to know that some reports show the indication if there is aluminum to use for some inner parts and it goes the same for wood accent. You will get more entertaining cabin design because the great surround sound system in 2017 Mercedes E-Class.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Engine

There will be several engine options to offer you especially dealing with the different needs among customers. The first could be petrol turbocharged engine and 2.0 liter with the capability to provide about 250 horsepower while the second is V6 engine and 3 liter for 350 horsepower. Both of the engines will be mated with the new upgraded 9-speed transmission to offer faster and smoother performance compared to the previous model. The third engine for this sedan is the top option that is twin-turbocharged and 4 liter petrol to offer about 550 horsepower. This car has improved technology to enhance the fuel economy for 2017 Mercedes E-Class.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Release Date and Price

There is no confirmation yet from the official about the accurate information for its release date. This sedan is expected to come out in 2016 with the price tag about 35,000 pounds or the top could be 50,000 pounds.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Image Gallery

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