2017 Ford Flex

Thursday, August 20th 2015. | Ford

A much more elegant design concept is ready to offer by Ford especially for those who have a big anticipation for 2017 Ford Flex. It is mentioned that this car has better efficiency in its engine execution. It is very resilient with the great rate of sales record on the market. Surely it will be presented with more comfortable design that you would never regret to wait.

2017 Ford Flex Concept

The concept design for this 2017 Ford Flex will be supported with the higher level of comfort. The design is quite boxy as its icon with the extended fascia and the redesigned grille. Its light and tailgate will be featured with contrast look.2017 Ford Flex Concept


2017 Ford Flex will be built with many improvements around the cabin. Ford is quite promising to offer this car with the higher level of quality materials especially for the seat cover. It happens because the support of leather upholstery. This car will complete you with three lines of seats and it has spacious cabin because the boxy design. It is a bit hard to reach the rear seat. The dashboard will be upgraded with the presence of level wood accents. The cockpit is featured with touch screen display in size of 4.2 inches and 12-speaker SONY.

Speaking about the safety system, it has best protection by the presence of six airbags, traction command, and stability control and anti lock brakes. Buyers could choose rearview camera and car parking assist. The top trim has flexible trip control, blind spot screen and much more in 2017 Flex.

2017 Ford Flex Specs

The efficient fuel consumption will be the first prior for Ford to gain more buyers. The base version will be built with V6 engine and also 3.5 liter with the capability to produce the amount of output for around 287 horsepower and also 254 lb-ft of torque. The Ecoboost engine as the alternative could produce 365 horsepower and also 350 lb-ft of torque. Those two engines for 2017 Ford Flex could be supported with six-speed auto transmission and new nine-speed gearbox. The hybrid motor could be presented to complete the demand of buyers. Although it is claimed as a car with the efficient fuel consumption, we found no reports at all about the details.

2017 Ford Flex Release Date

If you wonder when the company will release it, 2017 Ford Flex is anticipated to come out in the beginning of 2016 and it is ready to start the sale sometime in 2017.

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