2016 Acura RSX

Thursday, August 27th 2015. | Acura

A new and elegant design will be offered in the future generation of 2016 Acura RSX. Acura would like to offer this car with more improvements as the best option to deal with the high demand and competition on the global market. Although it is quite hard to reveal all performance, specifications, exterior and interior, we think that the company will announce it soon before 2016.Rumors 2016 Acura RSX Front

2016 Acura RSX Design Rumor

As far as we know, there is no announcement yet given by Acura up to now. Therefore, we rely on all rumors and speculations reported by many reliable sources. It is mentioned that the company will not offer many refinements for its outside. It means that it only has small revisions for some important parts. It is leaked that Acura might offer 2016 Acura RSX with the Bluetooth connectivity inside the cabin followed by surround speaker in order to give higher level of connectivity and entertainment system.

It is still hard to get known whether or not Acura would like to support this latest edition with the lightweight materials made of aluminum but the demand of aluminum bodywork is quite high at this time. It should get some redesigned details for its outer part including the grille, chassis, alloy wheels and others for 2016 RSX.

2016 Acura RSX Engine Rumor

The company does not declare any single detail yet regarding to this new car but rumors have something that we can believe to be true. To offer nice engine execution, it is quite promising for Acura to release this car with the V6 engine and 2.0 liter of fuel capacity so that it is capable to provide the amount of output from 150 to 200 horsepower. It is possible if they will not go with this engine if they found a more powerful engine configuration to be used for 2016 Acura RSX.

Although we need to give the company more time to do the development for this new car, we expect that they should provide engine options so that buyers with different needs could be facilitated to purchase 2016 Acura RSX.

2016 Acura RSX Release Date and Price

We cannot ensure you yet about the exact release date for this car since all rumors only predicted that its first presentation might go in fall or summer of 2016 with the price tag about 30,000 dollars for the base. However, we hope that the cost would be more competitive for 2016 Acura RSX.

2016 Acura RSX Image Gallery

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