2016 Honda Insight

Thursday, September 17th 2015. | Honda

2016 Honda Insight will get small changes and improvements. You might be disappointed if you expect radical designs on it. It has been quite long for Honda to offer this car as the hybrid model. This Japanese automaker would like to discontinue the three hybrid cars including Insight. It happens because Honda has a big prior to focus on the new fuel-cell hydrogen technology and it is not surprising that 2016 Insight is reborn with the new engine design after couple of years. 2016 will be the year for Honda to introduce it and its design is based on the new FCV concept.2016 Honda Insight Concept Front View

2016 Honda Insight Specs

We can easily say that the new 2016 Honda Insight might get complete makeover when it comes to the mechanical details. It is quite promising if the car will have 140 horses that could be found from electric motor and the fuel-cell stack will offer more output. It is expected that this technology will be developed by Honda so that the car has more advanced powertrain for its future.

2016 Honda Insight Changes

2016 Honda Insight needs plenty of air to perform and it gives more impact for its design. The company should provide it with the radical changes. It sounds more interesting if Honda would like to support it with large air intakes in front end fascia or large air inlets beneath the bumpers. In short, the design depends on their decision whether they would like to make it more futuristic and conventional by choosing the former or latter layout. Most likely, they will keep the hunchback rear end and the valenced rear fenders as the icon.

For its cabin design, we should note that 2016 Honda Insight is designed as an affordable car with the hybrid setup and Honda has the same strategy through the new hydrogen engine. The surface will be designed with contemporary materials that have enough refreshment and the fuel-cell stack underneath the floor is quite bulky. The more advanced technology should be presented but there will be not many expensive features to offer. It has airbags, stability controls, anti-lock brakes and standard rearview camera.

2016 Honda Insight Hybrid Price

It can go about 300 miles in single tank fill up and the car has high fuel efficiency. The problem might be around the undeveloped infrastructure. The price will be more expensive that should be less than 30,000 dollars for the base. We do expect that 2016 Honda Insight should be 40,000 dollars for the top trim. It might be released in fall of this year.

2016 Honda Insight Photos

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