2017 Ford Falcon

Monday, September 21st 2015. | Ford

2017 Ford Falcon will be included by Ford as their project that should be released for the future market. The car has great position in its class because the design is well-accepted among buyers. It is not surprising that this new full-size sedan will be released because the huge popularity. The design will be more premium than the previous model. Its first debut was started in the past of 60’s and it could survive until now.

The more advanced competition in the market made Ford takes the decision to release 2017 Falcon. It will get some refreshments so that the design once again could be accepted in the market.2017 Ford Falcon XR8 Concept

2017 Ford Falcon Concept


Rumors mentioned that the company will release it with several improvements but it is still a big mystery to reveal its engine details. It is still hard to get more information for its mechanical details that will be used for Ford to support 2017 Ford Falcon. Most likely there will be two engine options to offer which are Ecoboost turbocharged engine and 2.0 liter for the base and the supercharged Ecoboost for the top trim level. We have no information at all to tell you for the output, acceleration, fuel consumption and top speed of this car by using those engines.


Although it is a bit hard to get known the mechanical details of 2017 Ford Falcon, we have some data available for its exterior styling. So far, it is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company might release the car with the more meaningful improvement than before. The bodywork will be much sleeker and it has more elegant look. The details will be adopted from the new Ford design. It has large trapezoidal grille and the headlights are thinner than before so that it goes with much perfect look for modern and sporty sedan.


Still regardless the fact, the 2017 Ford Falcon is coming out with the updated styling that hard to be ignored. It is mentioned that the car has much more stylish cabin and it has more premium look. Besides, rumors said that the car has sophisticated technologies and features to support a more perfect driving experience.

Release Date and Price

2017 Ford Falcon so far is still unknown when it will be released because there is no hint given by Ford at this time. We speculate that it comes out in the first half of 2016 with the estimated cost about 80,000 dollars.

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