2017 Land Rover Discovery

Thursday, November 12th 2015. | Land Rover

2017 Land Rover Discovery has great adjustment as the ideal option for big family car. It is designed with cozy appearance and the technology is more innovative than before. The car has big potency to create a big crowd in the market once it is ready to come out.

There is a big indication that the company will offer it with unique design compared to the previous model. The rumors for its new look and adjustment made people would like to know more for the changes of 2017 Land Rover Discovery.New Land Rover Discovery Sport Front View

2017 Land Rover Discovery Price

First of all, it is about the price tag that is still based on speculations. The cost might go about 38,920 dollars to 45,000 dollars depends on the current exchange cost and the modification for 2017 Land Rover Discovery will be announced shortly afterwards. The company wouldn’t share many things right now since 2017 is still far away from now on. Therefore, we need to hold everything and wait more for the official updates.

Speaking about the adjustments around this car, it seems that the car will be featured with the great structure changes. It is very possible to get Discovery Activity 3.7 inches that are bigger than LR2 and it is for the third-row seats. In addition, 2017 Land Rover Discovery has 9 inches of longer dimension than the Range Rover Evoque. You wouldn’t find out any roof-line for the Disco Sports that is built with the more aggressive look. This car will be released with greater headroom and visibility.

Around its outer part, 2017 Land Rover Discovery is very minimalist that will show you about the high-class styling. The cabin is completed with eight inches of touchscreen infotainment system which also supports smartphone connectivity while the exterior has superior glimpse made of aluminum elements to cut the current weight so that the car has more functional speed. The moon roof will allow you to enjoy the outside views easily.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Engine

The last but very important information you should not ignore is about the mechanical details. 2017 Land Rover Discovery is coming out with excellent engine. It is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company might support it with four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0 liter and nine-speed transmission to provide 240 horses. This engine is created and developed by Ford as their way to answer the challenge from BMW that has four-cylinder turbo and Audi. The torque power could reach for more than 251 pounds-feet of torque.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Photos

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