2016 Jeep Commander

Monday, December 7th 2015. | Jeep

The Commander is a mid-size SUV models produced by Jeep. This car was first introduced in 2005 at the New York Auto Show. currently this model will be released again as the 2016 Jeep Commander. the four-door car will be in production by the American automotive company Chrysler.New 2016 Jeep Commander

2016 Jeep Commander Changes

2016 Jeep Commander has a cabin that is spacious enough and provided three rows of seating, so the car can accommodate up to seven passengers. There are two different trim on this car, namely Sport trim and trim Limited. if we look in more detail into, we can see the usual electrical accessories such as the driver’s seat electric assistance, air conditioning, and a CD stereo. It will be available in Sport trim. Then, the heated seats with leather upholstery, climate control system. for the Limited trim, the pedal will be adjusted by the driver. Limited trim has a good mix of features, besides that it will have a power tailgate and satellite radio, electric sunroof and twin skylights. Features will be found in the second row. Next, another technology system in which a navigation system and a DVD entertainment system for rear seat passengers.

2016 Jeep Commander Engine Performance

2016 Jeep Commander has several engine options will be a force. The basic model will have a standard 3.7-liter engine V6 engine. It can provide output £ 235-feet of torque and horsepower to 210. Meanwhile, other rumors say, limited trim will have a 5.7 liter V8 engine. It is a high engine that will be available in Sports since 2016 Commander is one of the major vehicles for off-road. In addition, both engines will be paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

2016 Jeep Commander Release Date and Price

Based on some of the improvements made by the manufacturer, Jeep Commander 2016 is expected to be launched in 2016 or early 2017. The possibility of a new commander of this model will have a high price because the car is suited for off-road and have a better performance under the hood. However, we do not mendapetkan information on price, so that can not be predicted.

2016 Jeep Commander Image Gallery

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