2018 BMW 3 Series

Friday, February 5th 2016. | BMW

Every day, most popular automakers plan and create amazing innovations to deal with the future competition on the global market. You can find out some great cars because of their great effort such as Mercedes Benz C-class, Jaguar XE and also BMW. Now, BMW is working hard to create the latest 2018 BMW 3. It will be labeled as G20 3-Series and it will hit the market sometime in 2018.2018 BMW 3 Series Rendering

2018 BMW 3-Series: Exterior and Interior Redesign

2018 BMW 3 will be a very modern car with no mistake at all. Its function is very functional and its design is more emotional compared to the previous model. We must admit that it is a great idea for BMW to make it more competent in its well-packaged design. Its quality design makes it to be the strong rival for Mercedes Benz and Audi. For its redesign, BMW will support it with harder edges, sharper creases and more exciting limit.

2018 BMW 3 is also coming out with the great concern on its appearance, character, quality and substance to be much better than ever. Now, we are expecting that BMW will improve its specification including the rubber seals, carpets and sill covers. The advanced braking system, personalized support system and increased power equipment is very crucial.

Thanks that BMW wants to add greet assistance system so that it can go with remote-controlled parking, auto change of braking and lanes, superior quality graphics television for its interior and sophisticated heads-up display. In its middle stack, there is color monitor for controlling and it has voice activation system as 2018 BMW 3.

2018 BMW 3- Series: Powertrain

We do anticipate that this new edition will have more efficient power plant by reducing the CO2 emissions through three-cylinder engine. The 320i version will be featured with 2.0 liter and inline-four engine to generate 180 hp. Another engine type is 328i for 180 hp, 349o with six-pot engine for 365 hp, 3-liter sixes for 300 hp and many more. The top engine will be able to generate 500 hp with the support of conventional six and electric chargers as well as water injection for M3 and M4. For 2018 BMW 3 –Series, we hope that there is also hybrid engine with electric motors and 2.4 liter to generate 240 hp.

2018 BMW 3-Series: Release Date

2018 BMW 3 is coming with great design and it has lower center gravity to improve its handling and enhance the road-holding. It should hit the market in 2018 with the first deliveries in 2019.

BMW 3-Series 2018 Image Gallery

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