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Saturday, February 6th 2016. | Toyota

Although the issue about the arrival of 2018 Toyota Avalon is still minimal and even unclear, many people start anticipating its coming. It will be much different from the previous model. Toyota will work hard in order to eliminate all the imperfections around the predecessor so that the development around this new edition can be significant. Before, it is a pretty large car with smooth and quite ride performance. It should be designed with some special things in order to attract buyers.Toyota Avalon Chicago Auto Show

2018 Toyota Avalon is expected to come out with enhanced maneuverability even if it is not a sports car. Its styling should be sleeker than before. Since it is not a cheap car, it will go with amazing design for both outside and inside. The price tag is estimated about up to 37,000 dollars.

2018 Toyota Avalon Review

Based on some unofficial sites, it shows pros and cons. You may think that the car has a poor ride quality but others might think that it has nice handling. One thing for sure is that this car has smooth and quiet performance. It is not too noisy which is a good point when you compare it with its strong rivals in its class. We must admit that 2018 Toyota Avalon has lightest, lowest and even narrowest design in its class so that its handling is very good with the super light steering that makes it totally sensitive. It is more manageable and it is not a bad thing even if it doesn’t create a big loud.

2018 Toyota Avalon will carry over V6 engine and 3.5 liter which is still competitive in its class to provide smooth and powerful engine. Besides, this engine has nice fuel economy. Based on EPA rating, this car only takes about 24 mpg in combined, 31 mpg on highway. It has excellent gas mileage. It sounds nice when we heard some unofficial reports mentioned that Toyota will provide four-cylinder hybrid engine with 40 mpg of mixed driving although its performance is not so smooth and quiet even when you compare it with the V6 engine.

Around the cabin, you can find out the ultimate comfort because the spacious design for its front and rear seats. It has hard front seats which is pretty flat and there are small pillows which are still acceptable although not too impressive. The rear seat room has impressive design but it is basically inflated a small cushion which is heavier and lower which we think that it is not enough to give ultimate comfort. It seems that it happens because the company considered creating sleeker roofline for 2018 Toyota Avalon.

The good thing is that for its price, the cabin is still nice. You will get fake leather dashboard, nice trim accents, smaller dashboard touch screen which is less sensitive compared to its rivals, touch-sensitive buttons for some functions such as ridges and bumps which is easier to find and faster in response compared to Ford for 2018 Toyota Avalon.

Toyota Avalon 2018 Image Gallery

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