2018 Honda CR-Z

Monday, February 22nd 2016. | Honda

You might be a little bit curious about the innovative ways that Honda would like to offer in their new 2018 Honda CR-Z. It will be the latest generation of coupe that goes with hybrid power train. It is claimed by many reliable sources that Honda will design it with more powerful engine to support its more stylish design compared to the predecessor.

2018 Honda CR-Z surely has a lot of improvements. It happens because it will use the platform which is much inspired by Civic Type R as well as NSX. It can be seen from some similarities around the styling cues. Besides, Honda has serious commitment in order to make this sports car comes out to deal with its strong rivals.New 2018 Honda CR-Z Concept

2018 Honda CR-Z – Redesign

Based on its concept, its changes and upgrades are still unclear. Its details are hard to be unveiled. Rumors and predictions can help us to get known some possible things around 2018 Honda CR-Z. It is mentioned that the car will get some new features as well as high level of comfort that cannot be found in its previous model including the ergonomic seats with leather cover, center console which is presented to help driver and other stunning features. Furthermore, the upgrades will be added such as the touchscreen, guiding wheel features, instrument panel, satellite navigation, USB, Bluetooth connectivity, rear-parking sensors and others.

In addition, 2018 Honda CR-Z will be completed with best entertainment through its excellent audio system. The outer part will support its body platform including the side panel folds, rear wings, aluminum wheels, angular body lines, better roof lines and other details so that the car is more appealing than ever.

2018 Honda CR-Z – Engine Performance

Under the hood, Honda will use 2.0 liter of turbocharged VTEC engine that has four-cylinder tubes in order to generate the amount of output for about 280 hp. If you anticipate the hybrid model, it goes with 1.5 liter of I-DCD electric motor that can provide about 200 hp. About the transmission, it will be the latest eight-speed auto gearbox. Thanks for its enhancement around the braking system as well as increased suspension to give much better control in 2018 Honda CR-Z. Even it is claimed to have better fuel economic compared to the previous model.

2018 Honda CR-Z Release Date and Price

For those who anticipate the new 2018 Honda CR-Z , its price tag can be about 26,000 dollars for the base and it can be around 35,000 dollars for the top trim. Its first launch should be started at Detroit Auto Show in 2017.

2018 Honda CR-Z Image Gallery

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