2016 Infiniti G37

Thursday, February 25th 2016. | Infiniti

Perhaps you have been disappointed in the Infiniti’s aloof Q50 sedan that is designed to substitute the stylish G37. In fact, Infiniti start their sale by presenting the Q40 for 2015. Now, 2016 Infiniti G37 is still under the development. It is mentioned by many unofficial reports that the company will go with much better design. It will be supported with sportier design compared to the predecessor. It happens because the retro revision added for 2016 Infiniti G37.New Infiniti G37 Sedan

2016 Infiniti G37 – Performance

Well, we are talking about the base hydraulic steering arrangement which is used by Q50. It means that it is not the rickety Direct Active Steer (DAS) option from infinity which is basically a drive-by-wire system to supply no road feel and doesn’t have precision. The base system is much better with the incredible steering performance in 2016 Infiniti G37. It seems that they will do their best effort in order to remove all mistakes they have been done in the previous model so that this edition has much better development than ever. Keith St. Clair, the head of devices planning for Infiniti confirmed it.

2016 Infiniti G37 – Changes

2016 Infiniti G37 is strongly suggested by some members of fanatic community to get the enhanced steering feel so that the car has better stability and handling. It should be like the previous G Sedan Sport. This will give driver a comfortable feel to drive this car even for a long journey. Clair also informed that the prototype is still under the development with the steering system of an aged G. Some tweaks around its exhaust system will be improved to have better performance by generating high output. Although they showed a big indication about the engine as their main concern but they did not reveal about the type of the engine as well as the details for its specifications. That is the saddest part that we cannot reveal.

Release Date of 2016 Infiniti G37

With some revisions, Clair claimed that this car will go with amped-up styling as well as chassis upgrades. At the time of writing this report, it is still unclear about the recommended changes that will be added. It is also hard to reveal about the exact release date around 2016 Infiniti G37. It should be ready to hit the market sometime in this year or at least next year, 2017. One thing for sure is that we cannot wait to see its new look.

2016 Infiniti G37 Image Gallery

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