2018 Honda Pilot

Monday, May 30th 2016. | Honda

The new 2018 Honda Pilot is a new SUV that will be scheduled to arrive in the market to compete with the other SUV models. As the large size SUVs from manufacturers Honda, the car is expected to hit the market with some improvements. Although currently still boxy shape of the car but the car will still be comfortable to use in everyday driving activities.2016 Honda Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot Redesign

2018 Honda Pilot has an exterior appearance that is sporty and elegant cars. Improvements provided will not be too obtrusive but still looks good. Changes will be seen at the wheel trim, front and rear lights, side mirrors, door rolling for some models, and the overall size of the car. The best version of the Elite version will get a complete specification for a change. For Touring and Elite models will be available traffic information to help drivers of navigation that can be connected to the local traffic management. In addition, the interior of the car will have a three-row seats that can accommodate up to eight passengers. Seats will be covered with high-quality materials and can be folded so that the area becomes more spacious cabin if required. The new pilots will also be equipped with high-tech systems in some features such as blind spot indicator connected to the camera integrated in the dashboard will be 8-inch LCD. audio and entertainment features will be very entertaining driver and passenger. One of the best of the 2018 Honda Pilot is the buyer will get a new service that is custom made special leather case for the seat is used.

2018 Honda Pilot Engine

The machine that will be installed in this car is a 3.5-liter engine capable of delivering power to 200 horsepower. Of the five types in 2018 Honda Pilot, there will be some differences in each type of machine used. Transmission 6-speed automatic transmission used in the car-based, while the 9-speed transmission specially given to several regional sales only.

2018 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

Information about the initial launch or release date of this car can not be predicted, because the manufacturer has not announced it. As for the price of a car, according to rumors is expected to be approximately $ 33,000. It was a decent price for the 2018 Honda Pilot as the best car to own.

2018 Honda Pilot Image Gallery

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